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Welcome!  You have found my collection of blogging articles and some articles on opening an Etsy shop.


this thing called “blogging”, has really helped my anxiety and depression.

It has helped me feel more positive about my life. I believe it’s because I am able to share my own experiences with mental illness with others who struggle with the same difficulties.

It is a really hard subject to talk about even with people who have it, and so many people don’t fully understand it. That’s one of the many reasons we tend to hide our illness from others.


When you start up your very own blog, there is always something new to learn. It’s hard to keep up, but I try. Since I am all about sharing on my blog, I will be passing that knowledge on to you.


If you are interested in having me put your own adventures in blogging, starting a website or business, on my blog, let’s collaborate.

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How do you start a new blog, when you are a newbie to blogging?

  Do you have so many questions about how to start a blog that it's holding you back from actually taking that first step?     You are not alone. The idea of starting a blog sounds so fun but, a little scary too. All you have to do is write something that is …

So… you’ve started a blog, what are you supposed to do now?

  So you have started a blog   and you have a couple of posts and probably on a couple of different topics. You have also read articles on how to start a blog but your question is, what are you supposed to do next? I have those very same questions and I will …

Blogging about my Etsy shop fail and how it changed everything!

Have you ever wondered   if blogging was for you or maybe you’re just not the blogging type? Well, I am proof that you never know until you try it. You may be born to blog!     Inspired by other great bloggers. I wanted to start my own blog after I found some very …

How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes New Etsy Shop Owners Make

    Here are some common mistakes Etsy shop owners make and how to avoid them.   Mistakes are unavoidable, but these may help you avoid the same ones I made. There are so many articles out there on how to do anything Etsy and I have read a lot of them. Everyone has their …

How to Open an Etsy Shop from my Personal Experience!

    This is my very own personal journey of opening my first Etsy shop.     I want to pass on to you all the knowledge and information that I have learned over the years about how to open an Etsy store or shop. Full disclosure… my first Etsy shop, Miss Thread, where I …

Started a blog? … Not so easy is it? … Experts say the magic key is … wait for it … Social Media! …Really?


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