Mental Health Makeover, do you need one? Find the beauty within you!

Welcome to the Mental Health Makeover Blog


This is a blog about living with a mental illness like anxiety and depression….

It’s about learning ways to stay inspired and motivated through personal growth and development …

It’s about how starting a website, business or blog can empower you to do things you never dreamed possible and how you really can do it…

It’s about finding ways to face the challenges of living with mental illness through creativity and humor while achieving mental wellness…

Feel like reading or learning something new? You came to the right place….


Bitter Sweet Pie with Crumbling Topping

My secret recipe for living with Anxiety and Depression


Take the Mental Heath Makeover Challenge

What is the challenge?

It’s a free 6-day email course to help you discover a even better you. I use these methods and worksheets myself

What do I have to do?

Simply use the 6 worksheets designed to help you reach your mental heath goals, plus get some bonus freebies at the end of the course.

Lean more about it HERE or…

Are you already up for it?


Free Printable Design Library

What is it?

It’s a library full of my free printable inspirational and funny quote designs and to-do list worksheets.

What do you get?

Free access to download all of my inspirational, funny and dark humor printable artwork plus printable to-do list worksheets in the library.

See it first HERE or…

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Free Printable Blog Planner Worksheet

Thinking about starting a blog?

Yes, then this free blog planner and to-do list worksheet would be perfect for you.

Why do you need this?

Because everyone needs a little help staying organized. I use this myself because my brain hates me.

Check it out HERE or…

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