The Secret Recipe For Living With Anxiety And Depression Mental Health Makeover

A Bitter Sweet Pie With Crumbling Topping


Keeping your mental health “positive” is so important and I do it through humor, I find ways of coping with my sadness and things that are difficult by putting a fun twist on it. I have been working on my secret recipe which I call my “Bitter Sweet Pie with Crumbling Topping ” since I was old enough to realize that I was even making it. 😉

There are a lot of ingredients to this recipe and I have often added and removed some key ingredients/feelings that I shouldn’t have.

I have tried other similar recipes and have used some of the suggested ingredients but ultimately I ended up with this, and well, it is, what it is.

The main ingredients for a life filled with anxiety and depression are both complicated and easy at the same time. Paired together there are bittersweet, to me…

The ingredients listed are for the filling, the crust, and the topping.


The filling is the part of you that people don’t see. You can use different variations of them if you like but the overall result is the same.

For Pie Filling:


4 cups thinly sliced constant Fear

1 cup Low-Self Esteem

½  cup Self-Doubt

½ cup Self-Consciousness

½ cup packed Hopelessness

½ cup healthy Guilt

½ cup relentless Pain

2 tablespoons undisclosed Anger

½  teaspoon unidentified Hate

1 teaspoon complete Despair


Steps for filling:


Mix all your feelings together taking care, not to over mix, you want to feel all of them together at the same time.

To be overwhelmed is key to the troubling feeling of anxiety which will worsen the feeling of depression.

Keeping in mind that no one can see or feel this part, only you.

The crust holds all of the feelings together. The crust will perfectly conceal the mixture of the depression and anxiety you have carefully mixed together.

For Pie Crust:


1 cup absolute Trust

1 cup Self-Respect

½ cup Self-Confidence

½ cup undeniable Courage

½ cup endless Happiness

¼ cup tremendous sense of Pride

¼ cup pure Joy

2 tablespoon everlasting Peace

2 tablespoon unconditional Love

1 teaspoon never-ending Hope

A dash of Bliss to taste


Steps for the crust:


Mix all these amazing feelings together and roll them into an adorable little ball.

Sprinkle some trust on flat surface gently knead and cuddle these feelings together.

With your own two hands carefully shape into two perfectly capable circles. One that’s resilient and one that’s strong.

Take the strong circle with determination and place into a pretty little pie dish.

Now take all the agonizing feelings you want to hide from everyone and pour them onto the strong outer crust in the pretty little dish, spread evenly.

Then, take the resilient circle with optimism and place it over the internal feelings, making sure they are completely covered.

Now, with your shaky fingers, smash the edges of the pie crust together with all your might… so none of the feelings spill out, that would make a huge mess and we want to avoid that.

The crumbling topping is optional but it makes the pie look amazing and delicious.


For Crumbling Topping:


½ cup Pretty Smile

¼ cup Assertive Voice

¼  cup Lovely Demeanor

1 teaspoon Dynamic Stride


Steps for crumbling topping:


Ever so gently, blend together all your hopes and dreams and sprinkle on top of the pie.

Bake until you are a beautiful shade of sunshine and lollipops, for all the world to see. You can take comfort in the knowledge that no one can see your secret feelings inside.

And that my lovely, is my recipe for living a life full of anxiety and depression, under the protection of having hope and confidence of course.

The trick is being able to hide the fragile feelings inside with a resilient outside, that looks good enough to live.



If you suffer from any form of mental illness I know how hard life is.


I want you to know that there is still hope and there is a way to live a happy life.

We just need to work a little harder to get there.

I also have to say that is a blessing in disguise, it takes one hell of a person to live through this.

Please don’t give up! I haven’t!

We are indeed badass! 🙂



Secret Recipe for Anxiety and Depression




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