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This is my collection of assorted blog posts and articles about mental health, personal development, blogging and even opening an Etsy shop.

I do my best to help others by sharing my own battles with mental illness and my strategies for living with anxiety and depression.

Plus, I like to share inspirational stories along with some of my experiences on starting a blog.

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Accept Who You Were, Embrace Who You Are Now, Believe In Who You Will Become

  People with mental illness need help staying positive sometimes. So, here are some of my thoughts on how you can “deal” with your past, present and future.     The past. Accept who you were. Stop dwelling on it.   Accept… the bad things that happened to you.   Bad things happen to all of us, it's …

The Epic Battle of Living with Depression and Anxiety and How it Really Feels

  The never-ending battle of living with depression and anxiety and the fortress I built to protect myself.   This is a battle that many of us fight every single day of our lives. It’s hard for so-called “normal” people to understand, especially when they have never felt these feelings before. I have …

How do you start a new blog, when you are a newbie to blogging?

  Do you have so many questions about how to start a blog that it's holding you back from actually taking that first step?     You are not alone. The idea of starting a blog sounds so fun but, a little scary too. All you have to do is write something that is …

So… you’ve started a blog, what are you supposed to do now?

  So you have started a blog   and you have a couple of posts and probably on a couple of different topics. You have also read articles on how to start a blog but your question is, what are you supposed to do next? I have those very same questions and I will …

Blogging about my Etsy shop fail and how it changed everything!

Have you ever wondered   if blogging was for you or maybe you’re just not the blogging type? Well, I am proof that you never know until you try it. You may be born to blog!     Inspired by other great bloggers. I wanted to start my own blog after I found some very …

Easy To Use Motivational Tips for the Creative Woman Entrepreneur

  Easy to use motivational tips that every creative woman should use for a stress-free, organized and productive day!   I am not an expert, but these are some of the tips I have learned to help me stay motivated, inspired and organized. These 10 steps may be helpful to you too. They …

Overcome your fears and find your self-confidence. You can do anything!

  How do we find a way to overcome our fears and find our self-confidence?   There are so many things in our lives that cause us to have self-doubt and low self-confidence, that being said, I do know that if we support each other, we can do anything! Fear and self-doubt are something …

How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes New Etsy Shop Owners Make

    Here are some common mistakes Etsy shop owners make and how to avoid them.   Mistakes are unavoidable, but these may help you avoid the same ones I made. There are so many articles out there on how to do anything Etsy and I have read a lot of them. Everyone has their …

How can I stay positive and not give up on my dreams! Inspire me please!

  When things are difficult we are told to stay positive. The question is how do you make that happen.   How does one stay positive when you are not seeing or feeling the results of your efforts. I struggle with this every day. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies …

How to Open an Etsy Shop from my Personal Experience!

    This is my very own personal journey of opening my first Etsy shop.     I want to pass on to you all the knowledge and information that I have learned over the years about how to open an Etsy store or shop. Full disclosure… my first Etsy shop, Miss Thread, where I …

“Ask, what happened to me, not what’s wrong with me.”


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